Why I’m Going All-In with Etudes

I just made the decision. Well, not too long ago anyway.

What’s the decision? I am going all in.

Having resigned my post as Guitar Director for Decker Fine Arts Academy, I am going all-in on Etudes. There are several key reasons behind this, and I felt it necessary to lay out a few of them here.

First, having been entrepreneurial my entire life (i.e., having ideas and the impetus to chase them), I feel I have only recently become an entrepreneur. What’s the difference? I would say, a big one. Being entrepreneurial means you have ideas, and are a self-starter. You don’t need anyone to show you the way, or explain things. You just find a way to make things happen. You can be entrepreneurial and be great at your job. You can be entrepreneurial and never start a business. You can be entrepreneurial, but fail at business. I did.

To me, what makes an entrepreneur, is the ability to see a good idea and make it profitable. Or in another way, entrepreneurs see profitable opportunities, then take advantage. I’ve always been entrepreneurial and very hard working. Only now I see how to turn my good ideas into profit – which is the basis of any good business. I’ll write more on this in a separate post, but just know that this was a major catalyst for making my decision to go all-in.

Second, thanks to the mentorship of people much smarter than I am, I am confident we now have a business plan that is workable – work being the key word here. You can have the best business plan in the world, but if you don’t put in the work IT WILL FAIL. I am at a point now where, even though I’m not yet drowning in customers or orders, I am already finding it difficult to balance my business workload with my day job – and that’s scary. I need this to work, so if I can’t put in the work, it wont work, and I lose. Make sense? Time to go all in.

Finally, there is the little matter of my personality. Because I am both entrepreneurial and I like being alone (i.e., I am 100% okay doing things my own way, regardless of what anyone thinks), it is difficult to see myself working a steady job for any long period of time. In fact, I’ve always had difficulty holding one. I used to think this was a major defect in my personality, and I tried to hide it. Now I realize it’s part of my code. I have to work against myself to maintain a satisfactory relationship with any employer (one they setup and dictate) for more than a year. It’s kind of crazy, but I’m better off accepting it and making it work for me, than continuing to battle both myself, and my potential employers for years to come.

With that, I am looking forward to a long and rewarding journey ahead. We have BIG things planned in Etudes Land, so look for many more posts and updates to come.

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