A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of participating in this year’s HCGW, put on by my friend, mentor, and former teacher, Dr. Isaac Bustos. Catch my blog update about it, here.

Anyway, one of the cool things I got to do there, was give a lecture introducing my latest guitar project to the entire guitar community, and get their feedback and advice. This new project is something I’ve been working on conceptually for a few months, but have only recently begun development, and have now launched a Beta prototype for the world to see.


The goal with this project is to provide the guitar community with an easy, intuitive, and centralized way to discover, learn, and share guitar etudes. Sounds simple, but currently there is no other such platform online, and I think this is something the guitar world desperately needs! So, let me explain the platform with a few simple points:

  1. All the etudes: categorized.
    – This means you can search and find etudes by composer, period, technique, musical ideas, and more. You’ll also be able to find related etudes for comparison/study. This should be a great tool for both students and teachers!
  2. Quality Performances. Quality Tutorials.
    – I know when I was learning the foundational etudes, as every other guitarist does, I would often search out performance videos online. This was always tricky. Depending on the etude, you might find poor quality videos, performances, or nothing at all! fixes all that, and includes hand selected performances, as well as tutorials for each and every etude.
  3. Community.
    – There is often a feeling of separation and doubt which comes along with studying a performing art such as the guitar. It is essential that one be surrounded by peers, mentors, and other members of the guitar community who can come alongside you and encourage your progress. was designed to facilitate this most essential component of one’s training, and in turn, you can help others along the way as well!

Now – at this stage, I admittedly have a LONG way to go! So far I have a basic prototype which I’ve coded from scratch mostly by myself. I have concepts, ideas and a direction, and now direct feedback from many close members of the guitar community, but now I need all the help I can get to bring this thing across the finish line. And this is where YOU come in…

If you’ve read up to this point, that means you’re at least a little interested in the project – GREAT! Why not get in on the ground floor and help me take this thing to the next level? You’ll get credited with helping build this unique and essential project for the guitar community, plus you’ll gain some major experience for whatever’s next on your list of goals. So, Let’s do this!

Currently, I have a small team put together, but still need help in the areas listed below. But don’t let this list keep you from pitching in! If you have ideas, feedback, or just want to be involved, I can use you. Send me a message, or comment below and let’s get started!

  • Advanced WordPress/PHP Developer
    • I’ve gotten the ball rolling, but I need an experienced developer to bring certain features to life moving forward.
  • Music Analyzer and Organizer
    • Masters/Post-Grad Level student or teacher who can help analyze and organize the etudes. You can commit to however much or little you’d like to contribute.
  • Video Production Manager
    • I’ll be producing many videos, and need help on the production side. This person needs to be efficient and understand the art of a performance and/or educational video
  • Contributors
    • If this sounds vague – it is! Intentionally so, as I need contributors from all walks of guitar. Historians, technicians, performers, etc. The plan is for you to write content specifically formatted for our site to serve as a reference, or help articles to help others grow. Maybe a one-off article, or maybe a regular series on our blog!

With your help, I know we can make this a one-of-a-kind resource to serve the guitar community in a new way. So, who’s in?

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