Santa’s Wonderland 2015

This weekend, Santa’s Wonderland opened it’s doors for the 18th consecutive season, and I was fortunate enough to be part of it as a member of the house band. This is just my second full season with the band, but it’s already become one of my favorite gigs to be a part of, and I’ll tell you why.

If you’ve never been to or heard of Santa’s Wonderland, it’s basically a theme park for Christmas. Imagine taking a hayride through millions of Christmas lights, an old-timey town where you can hear great entertainment every night of the week, and giant blow-up slides, a giant snow globe you and your family can climb into, a giant TV to watch “Elf” or another classic Christmas movie, and a gazillion other awesome things to do with your family… That’s Santa’s Wonderland.

As for that band I mentioned, they’re some of the best players you’ll ever meet. I’m in awe of these guys night after night, watching them do what they do. I play rhythm guitar, which means I get to sit back and watch great players like Robert and Jonathan Herridge (fiddles, accordion, harmonica, etc.), Steve Carr (bass and band leader), Kevin Duff (guitar), and Stephen Pate (guitar) shred up the stage. Not to mention the three great drummers we have in the rotation, among them Chris Hollar who heads up the Jazz and Pep bands at Texas A&M University, and is an incredible player.

On top of all their skill, these guys are just fun to be around. Genuine people who are easy to get along with, easy to play with, and have made me feel welcome from day 1. I’m really looking forward to another great season out here, and hope to see some familiar faces in the crowd as well!

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