Kentucky Guitar Fest 2015

This summer, Manuel and I decided (amidst the chaos of me preparing to sell my house and move to San Antonio) to make an impromptu trip to Kentucky for the University of Louisville’s annual guitar festival and competition.

I’m so glad we went!

We drove and made a trip out of it, staying in Nashville one night, as well as spending a night on the return trip in Arkansas. We bunked with whoever we knew would take us, and our very generous friends and family really made the trip worthwhile. Taking two different routes going and coming back made it that much cooler, as we both saw parts of the country we had never seen before.

Of course, there was the festival itself. We met a ton of outstanding guitarists, and absorbed as much guitar in one weekend as we could possibly handle. It was fantastic! Dr. Stephen Mattingly welcomed us and was a fantastic host – and, as it turns out, is an excellent teacher as well (I was fortunate to take a masterclass with him!).

Our own teacher Dr. Isaac Bustos was also there teaching, performing, and judging the competition, so it was nice to see someone familiar so far from home.

This was a trip I’ll never forget, even if only for the 30+ hours we spent driving! (and driving each other crazy…)

To cap off the weekend, we drive through a nasty storm on the way back that had spun off several tornados very near us. It was crazy! Nevertheless, an awesome experience worth remembering.

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