Ross and Jonathan do interview on KBTX

KBTX Free Music Friday Jam with Jonathan Herridge

Last week I got a call from my good friend and Santa’s Wonderland bandmate, Jonathan Herridge, asking if I’d play with him on TV that Friday. Naturally, I said no, and explained to him that I wasn’t that kind of friend…

However, after a long, awkward silence, he revealed to me that it wasn’t that kind of show, but rather a music show on a local news station, and he simply wanted me to back him up on the guitar I was relieved. That I can do!

With much anticipation Friday came, and we had a great time. The folks at KBTX in College Station couldn’t have been more welcoming or friendly, and they actually videoed us with their phones… while we were being videoed on air! Needless to say, it was a cool experience, and I’m thankful to Jonathan and KBTX for inviting me to do it.

I was like a little kid experiencing the magic of TV for the first time:

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